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"Our efforts are directed toward improved and safer materials, while keeping our  customers  productive  and profitable." WesBond is a fiber bonding industry leader. For more than 40 years our systems and solutions have improved product quality, saved our customers time and money, and proven more environmentally safe. 

WesBond's products and systems are used by companies that vacuum form refractory ceramic fibers, mineral wool, and soluble fibers into insulating refractory boards and shapes, usually for direct exposure to flames or molten metals. This website highlights ongoing research and development breakthroughs with more than 20 exceptional products – many of them brand new.

WesBond also provides personalized technical support and assistance to our customers. Check out our new Trouble-Shooting Guide to find answers to some common fiber-bonding problems.

If you have any questions about our products or services, please e-mail us or call our corporate offices at (302) 655-7917. We want to help.



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News About Colloidal Alumina Sols and Dry Binders.

Wesbond Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of our Q series colloidal alumina products. These materials are designed to replace our former colloidal alumina products which are still unavailable. These materials are in our warehouse and readily available. Contact us for datasheets, SDS, and samples.

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Important Note on Wesbond Alumina Sols and Dry Binders.

We have had an ongoing supply problem with our primary alumina raw material supplier.
We had hoped to resolve this by December of 2016 but we have been told that we will not be receiving any more material until 2019, if then.
Our research team is evaluating new materials but we do not have a solution yet.
As a result, we are not shipping any dry or liquid alumina sols and binders. This includes:

Wesol D30
Wesolok D

Holiday Note: Wesbond will be closed on Thursday and Friday July 3-4 2019

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